Yoav Ben-Dov

Quantum Theory -
Reality and Mystery

Published in Hebrew by:

Ma?Da!, Dvir 1997

Quantum theory is often regarded as strange and even irrational. For example, it appears to say that electrons are both particles and waves, or that a cat can be both alive and dead simultaneously. And yet, physicists regularly use it, and with great success.

How can science rely on an irrational theory? Is there something wrong with quantum theory, or should we rather change the accepted notions of reason and rationality?

This book, intended for the general reader, presents quantum theory with its historical development, the conceptual problems that it raises, and the main solutions proposed for these problems.

List of chapters

Foreword: Why quantum mechanics?

A. Introduction

1. Success and dispute
2. The classical properties

B. Quantum mechanics

3. Bundles of light
4. Waves of matter
5. The old quantum theory
6. The new quantum theory
7. Uncertainty relations

C. The measurement problem

8. The two-slit experiment
9. Measurement and collapse

D. Interpretations

10. Hidden variables
11. Many worlds
12. Theories without collapse
13. Theories with collapse

E. Bohr's approach

14. Particles and waves
15. Language and reality

F. Further questions

16. EPR paper
17. Bell's inequality
18. Aspect's experiments
19. Experimental conclusions
20. Problems of identity

21. Conclusion

Bibliography, glossary, index

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